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Developed over twenty years to military specifications, ROK™ has become the market leading brand demanded by consumers & professionals alike.

ROK-STRAPS are the Brainchild of an Australian engineer Gary McKay. During his university studies into eye injuries, Gary became aware of the utterly horrific number of serious eye injuries caused by elasticated cords and bungee straps.


ROK Motorcycle straps are 25mm wide and adjust from a length of 18" up to 60" making them ideal for large or heavy loads, or just for that extra peace of mind. Each pack comes with toe straps.


  • Quicker- attach to any part of your framework or rack, buckle up, tighten and go. To unload, release tension and unbuckle.
  • stronger- Confidently secure 100lb (45kg) in all weather conditions.
  • Safer- No steel hooks and minimal recoil, ensures you won't hurt yourself or your scooter.
  • Warranty- 12-month free replacement warranty on all ROK products. 


Simple “Loop-Through” ends mean TOTAL SECURITY for your loads and NO SCUFFS on your bike frame. Quick, safe & secure Click-Fit connector enables fast loading. Adjustable webbing pulls tight easily, and the unique ROK Stretch Core maintains constant tight tension.


Each ROK Motorcycle strap is a 2-pc hybrid of stretch and adjustability and each pack contains 2 complete straps. They include a section of stout 25mm wide, UV- and marine-resistant rubber that's further protected by a top-quality woven polyester jacket, and attached to the same top quality grade of weather-resistant polyester in a non-stretchy webbing. With this hybrid construction, the webbing holds firm while the stout rubber section absorbs shock and keeps the strap tensioned even if your load shifts on rough, uneven trails So Easy and Secure! ● The 2pc construction allows each piece to be easily secured to any anchor point. ● Then simply click the 2 pieces together Now pull the webbing tight via the buckle adjuster for a secure load 

Rok straps- Motorcycle Strap

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